Horizon NJ health

How to Apply For Horizon NJ Health Licenses

It is a very well-known fact that Horizon is the only independent company which holds an independent licensee for Horizon NJ health of Blue Cross Blue Shield in the State of New Jersey. Horizon NJ healthoffering include PPO plans, HMO plans, dental plans and many other plans. With over three million active members throughout the state one can have little doubt that Horizon NJ health is the largest health insurer that operates in the state. Therefore, it is obvious that contracting with Blue Cross Blue Shields would definitely give the provider the grant to view more patients in their local area and also the chance to reimburse the contract rates for availing their services. In order to apply for Horizon NJ health, there are certain processes that one must follow. Let us see for ourselves how the Horizon NJ health application process functions so you can benefit from Horizon NJ health

Horizon NJ health
•    The first and the foremost step in this direction is to contact the Horizon NJ health Blue Cross Blue Shield, and communicate with a recruitment representative. The phone numbers needed to contact the available representatives can be availed at the online website making it easier for the people who seek it.

•    Once you have availed yourself the phone numbers, make the call and ask the representative for a detailed information on the process of contracting and credentialing. After you are done with understanding the entire process, one should download the re-credentialing and credentialing policy forms available from the website. This would serve as a brief overview of the entire process.

•    If interested, you can fill out the enrollment application. There are things that you need to provide here. These include your National Provider Identification or the NPI number, Drug Enforcement Agency or (DEA) or controlled substances certificates, medical license, and lastly proof of liability of coverage. A copy of all these documents must be provided along with the application to Horizon NJ health

•    The application must be signed and dated accurately. It is always a wise idea to refer to Horizon NJ health ’scredentialing policy prior to submission of your application and double check the documents that you have attached along with the application to Horizon NJ health.

•    After you are sure that all the necessary documents have been attached with the application, send the application to the Horizon NJ health’s Blue Cross Blue Shield. It is a rule by the credentialing policy providers to return the application within two months or 60 days since receiving it.

•    The following step is to wait and let the process take its course. Once the application and all of its verification is successfully completed then it is forwarded for approval by a credentialing committee. It is by rule that Horizon NJ health policy must review and approve applications received by it within 90 days of receiving it.

•    Lastly, when all the verification and approval have been successfully carried out or in short, the process of verification and approval of Horizon NJ health is completed. The application is granted to the applier and sent back to him. He must then review the same and sign the contract agreement and become an actively participating provider for Horizon NJ health.